March: class registration. New lights too.

Class registration starts tomorrow morning. I will be teaching 3 classes at the Douglas Park Community Center this term (april-june): clay play (age 3-5 tues AM), clay club (age 6-13 after school, tues), and handbuilding (adult 6;30-9 PM, tues). 6-13 class) 3-5 class) handbuilding class)


Some new lights are coming along too! Tacofino is opening a 3rd Vancouver location in June and I have been asked to produce 20 pendant lamps for the new Yaletown space. I'm really excited to be working again with designer/architect Shiloh Sukkau, and the great owners Kaeli Robinsong, Jason Sussman, Amy Bockner, and Ryan Spong. Check back for more images of the lights in progress. As well as details about other new projects I have on the go.

Above: in progress porcelain shade with black slip.

Above: all lit up.

Above: studio shot of one of the prototypes.

Above: one half of the 12" pendant lamp shade on the wheel.

Above: 12" pendant shade in progress.