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Adult hand-building class

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This is gonna be your favorite night of the week! Join our small class of fun friendly pals for relaxing creative times. This is a hand-building class where the possibilities are endless. Make anything from your own favorite mug to a work of true sculptural genius. Some people think the pottery wheel is where it’s at but with hand-building you will have results right off the bat! Hand-building is for everyone and any level, so leave your worries behind and come make something you’ll be proud of. These classes take place at my studio—4277 Fraser street (alley entrance).

Next class will begin in September.19, 2019 6:30-9:30, 8 classes in total, $300 includes 15lbs of clay and all your glazes. To register click “SHOP” and you will see the ‘Adult hand-building class’ listed. Registration will open August.18 at 9pm!

Kids class (ages 6-11)

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These classes are chock-a-block with fun and creativity. Listen to good tunes, relax with new friends, make ANYTHING you care to dream of--toys, buddies, dishes for your favorite snacks and drinks, spoons for your ice-cream sundaes, gifts for the incredible people in your life, important plaques for your walls, giraffe coat-hooks, wacky plant trophy cups, you know, anything! These classes take place at my studio--4277 Fraser street (alley entrance).

Next class will begin September.17, 2019. $200 for 8 classes, includes all materials. To register click “SHOP” and you will see the ‘Kids hand-building class’ listed. Registration will open August 18 at 9pm.


Stay up to date on special one day weekend workshops by signing up to my mailing list below or following me on Instagram. These are held sporadically throughout the year and a way for you busy people to make something without committing to a full semester of classes. We make something great like a planter or mug and paint it a the same time. Then after it dries I fire it and glaze it with a clear coat before firing it one last time. you get your project back after about 10 days of making it and its like seeing it again for the firt time—all colorful and shiny.

clay partys!

Want to celebrate a special event or just have some fun with friends? These clay parties are a super way to entertain kids or adults. Plan your kids birthday and include some creativity—they can make something memorable and the other kids can bring home something more exciting than a goody-bag.

OR have team building event with co-workers, a bonding time with some friends, or celebrate a birthday with some clay fun! These parties are be hosted at my studio (4277 Fraser st—relax in a fun art space. Max 9 individuals. We will make one-two projects and use special colored glazes that can be applied to wet clay. Then I’ll fire them in my kiln and you can pick up 10 days later. All items are made with food safe materials.

$25 per kid for kids 1 hour parties (minimum 5 kids, max 9 kids)—includes all materials.

$65 per participant for adult 2.5 hour parties (9 adults max)—includes all materials

Email to inquire, ask any questions, arrange details and book your date.